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Are you reading this because you are expecting your first child or have a young one that you are concerned about?  I completely understand what you’re going through, and have been through it a couple times, and it really doesn’t get better.  DON’T BE SCARED!  What I mean is that even when you’ve gone through being pregnant, having a baby and getting the first couple months behind you doesn’t mean that the second or third experience will be the same.  And, it is amazing how much you forget, even if your children are pretty close in age.  I’ve sort of joked it’s like trying to keep up with modern style baby shoes when their feet grow so quickly and the term modern may just be a sales tactic for naïve parents and even grandparents to get them to rush out and buy shoes.

I’m not going to say I’m an expert when it comes to children, especially because 3 does not an expert be.  But, I do have enough opinions to share to actually promote myself up to almost-expert.  And, in my humble opinion, I don’t recommend putting a newborn or non-mobile baby into shoes, and it may not be for all the reasons you might think.

Take a Print of Your Baby’s Feet

Most of you, if you have had your baby, will make a print of your baby’s feet for a scrapbook or other memory purposes.  If you take a good look at it, you will see that it isn’t like a much older child’s or adult’s print; the front or ball of the foot is much wider than the back and the toes are all spread out.  This is perfect and exactly how it should be because the bone structure has not developed nor will it until around 5 years old

Now, if you have a pair of shoes that has a solid base, you will see that it is designed much more like an adult shoe over that of the natural shape of a baby’s foot.  There is absolutely no reason why you must smash his or her tiny foot into something that could ultimately cause foot problems and isn’t comfortable or necessary for a baby.

My first recommendation if you want or need to cover your baby’s feet, use those cute booties or socks that you got for your baby shower.  Those do not have a rigid bases, and allows for the feet to breath, toes to curl and bend and never restricts the movement or natural feel of the foot. 

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

I wouldn’t recommend having a baby walk a mile isn’t the point, but if you get down on their level and see, feel and hear all they are going through, you might rethink some of the things you have around the house.  This is part of why baby-proofing is so important.  But, take a moment and walk where they might walk, feel what they feel under their feet and to see if this might be too slippery to walk on, or if there are a lot of obstacles.  It is very understandable if you have hardwood floors or solid surface floors that when your baby is either crawling or starting to walk around that they might need a layer of protection, but this doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy baby shoes.  The same sort of light safeguard should be sufficient, whether this be the booties or socks. 

Prospective can give you a lot of information and understanding to what your baby is going through.  This is not to say that you have to change every aspect of your life, especially before they are mobile, yet it is going to happen over time because you are trying to make sure your baby is as safe as possible.  Unfortunately, you will end up finding problems over time after an incident has happened, such as a corner of a coffee table or some tool normally left out that ends up causing some accident or close call.

Modern Doesn’t Mean Best

Marketing is a huge part of just about any business, and that does include any sort of baby clothing and shoes.  One of their tricks is to find ways in which you feel like you have to go out and buy their products right now, or that you must have their items, or you are just not part of the “in” crowd.  Don’t fall for these types of baits.  Having the most up-to-date or modern baby shoes is not going to make or break your baby’s future.  Especially when you take into consideration that your baby’s feet grow at such an extraordinary rate and you don’t want to scrunch them and cause problems or needless pain, your urgency to go and buy stuff that they will be out of within just a month or two might be delayed.

If you are doing something special like attending an important event or doing family pictures, this might be a great time to splurge a little and have the look that you are wanting.  Just be careful to stay clear of the inflexible shoes, even for just a couple of hours because you may have a very upset child and not have your picture-perfect moment.

Trust Your Emotion (Or Your Mom)

No matter how much reading you do, how much advice has been given and how many appointments with the pediatrician are made, you are still the best person/people to know what your baby is in need of.  Not always do you trust your emotions and instincts on everything, and if you are like me, you probably have made many calls to your mom, but you know what is best.  It may take some investigation to figure out what is going on, but you also begin to learn the sound of each different type of cry they make, you know when they have a certain type of thumb sucking or way they caulk their head that it is time to take a nap, and so on. 

I have trusted my emotions on many cases with my children and never looked back with guilt on choices that I have made. I know that you will do the same, and most of these choices don’t revolve around having modern style baby shoes, but these are a perfect example of how easy it can be to fall into traps of buy something right now, to have the most fashion forward stuff or be the most dressed up baby family ever. 

Babies grow, you learn, time goes by and shoes aren’t going to be the biggest decision that you will make as parents, so keep this in mind as you are moving forward.